Albin Bajrami

Mechanical engineer, Ph.D student

I am a mechanical engineer currently pursuing the Ph.D. program of national interest in Robotics and Intelligent Machines (DRIM).


About Me

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I am a PhD student in DRIM , the Doctorate in Robotics and Intelligent Machines promoted by I-RIM whose goal is to create one of the largest doctoral schools in the world in the field of robotics and intelligent machines, enhancing Italian research at the international level and facilitating technology transfer to companies.

My work focuses on collaborative robotics for a wide range of applications, with a particular interest in automated and virtualized systems in the post-processing of products made by additive printing. I combine theory with practice through intensive lab work, making use of two main robots: the FANUC CRX 10iA/L and the UR5.

I am fortunate to have access to the i-Labs in Jesi, an important technology center that serves as a point of contact between academia and industry. Here, I can learn more about the characteristics and application potential of various collaborative robots, contributing to technology transfer and innovation in the field.

I invite you to explore my work and contact me for further information or collaboration.

Research topics

Collaborative Industrial Robotics

Additive Manufacturing (AM)

Post Processing AM

Machine Learning

New Protocols and Safety Procedures

Computer vision

Relevant work experience

Ph.D. at University Polytechinc of Marche

In my doctoral journey, I have consolidated a number of personal characteristics that have enabled me to achieve my goals. My dedication to supervising term papers, meeting deadlines, and ability to publish independently reflect my commitment and responsibility to the field of research.

My ability to work in teams and organize work effectively demonstrates my flexibility and ability to adapt to different situations. My passion for learning and curiosity to keep abreast of the latest trends and developments in the field represent my openness to innovation and proactive spirit. These characteristics allow me to take on new challenges and contribute to the development of new knowledge and technologies in my area of expertise.

Reliability engineer at Tecram Srl

I have developed knowledge and skills in the field of reliability engineering, specifically through the utilization of advanced ReliaSoft software tools such as XFRACAS, Weibull++, XFMEA, and BlockSim. Additionally, I have honed my cross-functional work organization skills to effectively collaborate with diverse teams.

Furthermore, I have focused on expanding my professional network, actively engaging with individuals from various industries and backgrounds. This has enhanced my understanding of different perspectives and business practices. In addition to my expertise in reliability engineering, I have delved into the realm of website management and development.


MSc in Mechanical Engineering

Università Politecnica delle Marche

Thesis: Analysis of the propulsion system of an electric minibus

Throughout my specialized studies, I refined my skills in advanced mechanical/mechatronic design, simulation, and prototyping by engaging in team-based projects. Additionally, I gained a robust comprehension of industrial production organization and planning, which allows me to design processes, systems, and energy plants. These experiences have further solidified my expertise in this field.

BSc in Industrial Engineering

Università degli Studi di Trento

Thesis: Design of a programmable gain amplification circuit

Through my diverse educational background in mechanics, electronics, and computer science, I have cultivated proficiency in designing, analyzing, and comprehending mechatronic systems. I possess both theoretical and practical knowledge, which enables me to integrate interdisciplinary knowledge and solve complex engineering challenges. Additionally, I excel in collaborating within multidisciplinary teams and devising innovative solutions for real-world problems.


Engineering software

Siemens Process Simulate
Siemens NX
Office 365
Solid EDGE


A Proposal for a Simplified Systematic Procedure for the Selection of Electric Motors for Land Vehicles, with an Emphasis on Fuel Economy

Albin Bajrami, Matteo Claudio Palpacelli

In this study, a preliminary method for the selection of electric motors in electric vehicles is proposed, emphasizing the importance of considering vehicle range from the beginning of the design process. The paper highlights the importance of smoothing the sampled data of driving cycles and presents a method for obtaining approximate efficiency maps of the electric motor. It also analyzes how the total gear ratio affects the vehicle's energy consumption.


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